Meet Mentor Chippewa

Chippewa Area Mentor Program Renames and Re-brands


June 5, 2019

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WISCONSIN — The Chippewa Area Mentor Program is now Mentor Chippewa!

Please allow me to introduce you and start the conversation, I mean that’s what mentoring is all about, right?! Creating meaningful dialogue and building genuine connections with each other.

As an important piece of the community for the past 30-years, this re-brand will allow us the opportunity to reconnect with our community members, business and civic organizations to share our story and remind them of the impact we have made on our community and assure them that we’re here to stay with their continued support of our efforts to make our community even greater by empowering the next generation of community members (our mentee students!) to become the best versions of themselves!

Bottom line — We are still here! We’re still promoting the power of mentoring! We’re just getting a little refresh, much like the beautiful River Front Park downtown, where you may find us (Erin & Lisa) with our brood of kids this summer! Don’t be afraid to say hi!!


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