Devon’s Story

Allow me to take a moment and introduce you to Devon, a former mentee, who shares his story of how the mentor program helped him grow into the successful young man he is today.

This is Devon’s story…

Acknowledging stories like Devon’s is an important part of our legacy. When we recognize that while the weekly mentoring opportunity itself might be but a short-lived moment in time, it gives way to an opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the participants themselves. Thank you Devon for sharing your story. 

Despite the incredible benefits of having a mentor, many students still do not have one. There are simply not enough financial resources, adult mentor volunteers, or program staff to support the needs of the program. That’s where you come in. YOU can support the special bond between mentee and mentor; a bond that has transformed the lives of hundreds of kids, right here in our community. By making a financial gift to the program, you allow us to support the social-emotional well-being of the mentee students in our program and provide them with the support and encouragement they need from their mentor match to feel empowered to be their very best self.

Visit our Donate page to find out how you can make a gift to the Mentor Chippewa program today!

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