Mentor Portal

Mentors are required to track mentoring sessions with mentees in the Mentor Portal; sessions must be logged separately and all sessions must be entered by the 5th of the following month. 

Mentors will use the Mentor Portal to track mentoring sessions including: (note: by clicking on the link you will be redirected to our program management provider’s website)

  • DATE: of the session
  • TIME: you can type in the time or choose a time from the drop down menu
  • HOURS: you can type in the time ( .5 ) hour spent each session
  • TYPE: choose
    • Mentoring Hours to record mentoring time with mentee;
    • Group Activity to record any training/education/social opportunities with the program
  • INTERACTION: choose how you met from the drop down menu
    • in-person (face to face, snail mail, Pen Pal, etc)
    • virtual (video chat, email, etc)
  • ACTIVITY: this can be left blank
  • NOTES: please be sure to include
    • Attendance: did your mentee attend; did they let you know they weren’t available
    • Overview: a brief overview of how mentoring went that day; was your mentee engaged; how was their mood; anything that stands out that you want to document
    • Follow-up: reminders to self of things to ask about at your next session
      • If you are presented with an issue/concern that needs immediate attention, please contact program staff directly.

Having trouble with accessing your Mentor Portal? Fill out the Mentor Portal Feedback Form and a member of our service provider’s technical assistance department will get back to you.

View this video on how to enroll in the mentor portal.

View this video on how to record your match sessions in your mentor portal.

Mentor Portal Instructions – click for detailed instructions

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