Mentor Portal

Mentors are required to track mentoring sessions with mentees in the Mentor Portal; sessions must be logged separately and all sessions must be entered by the first Monday of the following month. 

Mentors will use the Mentor Portal to track mentoring sessions. (note: by clicking on the link you will be redirected to our program management provider’s website)

Below is a list of what is required to be included in your weekly tracking:

  • Date & Time: Select the date and time (closest to your meeting time) of your mentoring session
  • Hours: Select (in .25 hour increments)
  • Type of Mentoring: Select Mentoring Hours 
  • Interaction: Select In-Person 
  • Activity: This section is intentionally blank and no information can be added 
  • Notes: Include a brief description of your time with your mentee; activities, mentee’s demeanor, attitude, body language, etc, any child safety concerns*, additional resource needs/community resources we can connect mentee with to fulfill needs for food, shelter, clothing, etc.                               
    • Any immediate safety concerns must be reported to your school site contact
    • If your mentee did not show up for mentoring or either of you were absent please make note of that in the notes section

Mentor Portal Example Entry

Date: 10/4/2021 11:30am

Hours: .5

Type: Mentoring Hours

Interaction: In-Person

Activity: (Blank)

Notes: I met with Jane today. We had a good time talking about the weekend and played a card game. Jane seemed more irritable than usual. I asked about her mood, Jane shared she had a busy weekend and was tired. Jane also mentioned their washing machine broke, so they have been washing clothes in the bathtub because they can’t get the machine fixed right now. This seems to be a stress for her family. Jane said she will can’t wait until next week for mentoring. 

Have trouble with accessing your Mentor Portal? Send us a message through our Contact page and let us know what specific issue you are having. We will do our best to help troubleshoot and get back to you.

View this video on how to enroll in the mentor portal.

View this video on how to record your match sessions in your mentor portal.

Mentor Portal Instructions – click for detailed instructions

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