Mentor Chippewa Scholarship Opportunities

Mentor Chippewa scholarship opportunities are available to students who have been involved in the Mentor Chippewa program for at least one year during their K-12 academic career. Awards are meant to further the student’s education and training after high school. Awards are competitive and based on dollars available to grant. Scholarship opportunities include:

  • Carol Gienapp Memorial Scholarship, named in memory of Carol Gienapp, the first Director of the mentor program.
  • Alice Hagen Scholarship, named in honor of Alice Hagen, a Chippewa Falls graduate and long-time supporter of the mentor program.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants must have been involved in the Mentor Chippewa program for at least one year during their K-12 academic career:
    • New Applicant: Open to first time scholarship applicants who are current high school seniors on track to graduate, past graduates, or those who will/have earned a GED.
    • Renewing Applicant: Open to former Mentor Chippewa participants to reapply for the scholarship opportunity up to 3-years after high school graduation, or until age 22.
  • Mentor Chippewa scholarship opportuities are renewable. Priority will be given to students who applied for but did not receive a scholarship; all applicants encouraged to reapply. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  4:00 pm, Friday, April 29, 2022

Scholarship Application

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Legacy Donations

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I am so grateful for my mentor, all the years that she spent with me, the support and encouragement she gave me when I was graduating and applying for college, and the scholarship I received, all for being a part of the mentor program.

Haley, Scholarship Recipient

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