Our Story…

What began as a grassroots effort led by a group of six people from a local community church who, in the fall of 1988, decided to reach out to their neighbor, the Chippewa Falls Middle School, and offer to “help wherever needed,” has since grown and evolved into the program that we are today!

Adult members from the communities served apply to be a mentor with the program. Mentor applications are processed through a multi-phase approach by program staff and include, but are not limited to, a comprehensive background screening, reference checks, and an in-person interview with program staff before a final decision on placement with the program is determined.

Students may be referred to the program as a potential mentee by school staff or a parent/guardian. Interested students then apply to be a mentee in the program. Mentee applications are screened by program staff for fit, and students meet with program staff to go over program rules and expectations before a final decision on placement in the program is made.

Mentor Chippewa serves students in Kindergarten-12th grade. The program operates September-May, during regular school hours. Mentoring matches meet one-on-one, one day per week, for 30-minutes.

Mentoring provides an opportunity for mentors and mentees to connect over common interests, build a relationship, and support each other in times of need. This solid foundation enables mentors to empower their mentees to become the very best versions of themselves.

Interested in bringing the Mentor Chippewa program to your school community? Reach out to us today through the Contact page on our website!

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